Delivered Cover Image Layout/Previs Processes From a Pixar Artist [Coloso, Shaun Kim, GBC Dub]

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Cover Image Layout/Previs Processes From a Pixar Artist [Coloso, Shaun Kim, GBC Dub]


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Aug 6, 2023
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Cover Image Layout/Previs Processes From a Pixar Artist [Coloso, Shaun Kim, GBC Dub]

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Shaun Kim
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Jun 22, 2022
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Do you want to know more about the basics of video production and the role of Layout & Previs in the real-life media industry?

Learn the essentials of video production necessary for creating immersive animations, advertisements, cinematics, and movies. Apply these fundamentals in various video projects, guided by an artist involved in producing global content, providing step-by-step insights from analyzing a script to converting it into a video format.

Layout/Previs Artist Shaun Kim's Profile & Portfolio

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Cover Image Layout-Previs Processes From a Pixar Artist-01.jpg
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In-depth Class Exercises

Part 01. Theoretical Examples
Learn how to apply the theory of cinematography, a basic essential skill in the film & video industries, to digital photography production.

  • Understanding Pipelines
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Basic Shot Types
  • Things to Keep in Mind for Basic Shots
  • Camera Plan Concepts
  • The Meaning of Camera Position
  • Camera Lens
  • 180-Degree Rule
  • Types of Camera Movement
  • Production of Gaze Direction
  • Preparation
  • Types of Cuts/Edits
  • Production With the Viewers in Mind
  • Camera Polishing
  • Future Cinematography

Part 02. Practice Examples
Based on what you learned earlier, you will practice with the exact pipelines that are used in the field using Maya.

  • Deciding on the Script
  • Analysis of the Scenario
  • Asset Preparation
  • Start Storyboarding
  • Editing a Story Reel
  • Location Scouting
  • Location Scout Production
  • Preparing a Shot Build
  • The Need for Coverage Shots
  • Practical Composition Tips
  • Camera Movement 1
  • Camera Movement 2
  • Edit Layout Shots
  • Sample Portfolio for Applying to a Pixar Internship
  • Tips on Employment for Layouts/Previs

Cover Image Layout-Previs Processes From a Pixar Artist-03.jpg
Cover Image Layout-Previs Processes From a Pixar Artist-04.jpg
Cover Image Layout-Previs Processes From a Pixar Artist-05.jpg

Class Highlights

Learn Essential Video Production Theories:
We will discuss the theories, along with appropriate examples, that you will use for a lifetime in all fields of video-related business, such as shot types, lens usage, the 180-degree rule, and types of camera movement.

The Key to Layouts/Previs and Creating a Portfolio:
We will talk in detail about the process of selecting the right story to create a portfolio specialized for camera production, as well as how to use assets that are easily available on the internet.

Discover a Work Pipeline Optimized for Digital Video Production:
We will try to produce a sample video with exactly the same workflow as in actual camera production, and you will learn about the technical aspects of creating camera movements that look professional.

Cover Image Layout-Previs Processes From a Pixar Artist-06.jpg
Cover Image Layout-Previs Processes From a Pixar Artist-07.jpg

Class Details You'll Learn:

From Scenario to Layout:Learn the overall flow, such as what to understand for a given scenario, how to interpret a storyboard, and how to proceed with layout creation.

Essential Theories for Digital Video Production:
There are theories that you must learn if you are involved in the video industry and we provide practical examples, not just armchair explanations, on how such theories are applied in practice.

Professional-Looking Camera Angles and Movements:
Let's look at what basics you need to learn to create a shot that looks like ones made at a top-class studio, and what kind of camera setups and details you should pay attention to.

Tips on How to Deliver a Story, Not Just Technique:
You will learn how to break up a scenario unit-by-unit to deliver a story in the form of a video; camera movement and composition that further amplify the emotions of the characters; and how to do natural edits.

A Global Studio’s Systematic Practical Pipeline and Layout Process Disclosed:
We will go over in detail the layout-related processes that lead to location scouting, shot building, and camera polishing from the digital cinematography pipelines that have been refined over decades.

Key Information and Portfolio for Layout/Previs-Related Employment:
We will go over the portfolios of students who have been accepted to Pixar, and have a practical talk about the conditions for a good layout/pre-vis showreel, future digital cinematography, and more.
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