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Hand-Drawn Style Character Animation with Blender [Coloso, Ocowa, GBC Dub]


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Aug 6, 2023
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Hand-Drawn Style Character Animation with Blender [Coloso, Ocowa, GBC Dub]

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Japanese, GBC Dub, Official English subtitles
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Jan 2, 2024
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3D Character Animation with a Cel-Shaded Style and Cartoonish Movements

In this class, the well-renowned 3DCG creator Ocowa will teach you the basics of creating 3D animation with a cel-shaded look using Blender.

The class will guide you through the initial setup and basic operations in an easy-to-understand manner, so even beginners can create animations using Blender.

Master the skills to create animation by following a practical process, from character modeling to making outlines and texturing, which are key to making characters look hand-drawn.

Once you fully understand the flow of animation production, challenge yourself by creating a full-fledged 3D animation. You’ll learn how to create backgrounds that express mood and the way light enters, and how to enhance your character's personality to increase your animation quality.

Discover the secrets to 3D animation production with a cel-shaded style that’s gaining worldwide attention. Only at Coloso!

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6 Class Exercises

  • Basics of using Blender
  • Character modeling
  • Rendering techniques that are unique to cel shading
  • Rigging using the rig tool Rigify
  • Ways of rendering light
  • Character animation

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Class Highlights

Learn Blender Basics and Practical Skills
In addition to the basics of using Blender, this class will also teach you in-depth operations needed to create and combine various expressions. In particular, it will focus on the functions you need to produce the animation in this class, with notes and techniques.

Different Techniques for Rendering Texture and Light
To render light and mood and make your work look hand-drawn, you’ll need to add extra effort to the basic process. This extra effort is a key element that greatly changes the look of your final output. That’s why, in this class, you’ll learn various techniques to achieve that.

Poses and Animation That Bring Out a Character’s Personality
The class will teach you the skills to create 3D character model movements by hand. This also includes secrets to adding personality to characters through the cartoonish movements and poses unique to Ocowa.

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Class Details

Video Production on Blender
The class will explain how to create character models and animation using Blender, which can be used free of charge, and then output them as video. You’ll also learn about the many functions and operations in Blender, and specific ways of using them to create different expressions.

Character Modeling Made with a Cel-Shaded Style
Learn character modeling using rendering unique to cel shading. This class will teach you the process of modeling while controlling outlines and shading using Line
Art so that it looks natural when viewed from any angle.

Rigging Using Rig Tools
Learn how to rig character models using Rigify, which comes pre-installed on Blender. You’ll also learn how to use weight paint to make adjustments that would remove any awkwardness when your character model transforms.
Creating Images That Look Hand-Drawn
You’ll have to put in some extra effort to not only recreate that uneven, imperfect style from drawing by hand but also make your images uniform and regular. The class will explain how to vary the weight of outlines and how to create variation and blur in the overall image.

Tips for Rendering Light and Adding Mood
To create drawings that look natural, you’ll acquire different techniques for rendering light and adding mood. You’ll learn not only how to use functions but specifically where to use them when creating drawings.

Animation Production That Shows off Your Character’s Personality
The impression you get from a character isn’t just from their general movements. It also changes depending on their small gestures, the timing of their actions, and their poses. This class will show you how to add twists to your character’s small gestures and poses and give them more personality.