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Create Expressive Character Animation Using Blender [Coloso, JP-K, GBC Dub]


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Jul 24, 2023
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Create Expressive Character Animation Using Blender [Coloso, JP-K, GBC Dub]

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Japanese, GBC Dub, Official English subtitles
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Mar 4, 2024
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All you need is Blender!

The secret to creating character animations with a variety of facial expressions
Jp-K is a 3DCG creator who has experience in independent animation production using Blender and specializes in directing expressive characters.

In this course, Jp-K will teach you the know-how to use Blender to complete action animation with a story from the basics.

First of all, we will explain the initial setting method and basic operations in an easy-to-understand manner so that even beginners can try to create animations using Blender.

Expressive character animations in Blender-1.jpg
Expressive character animations in Blender-2.jpg
Expressive character animations in Blender-3.jpg

Next, he explains how to pose a character using an existing character and how to pose to create a character's "personality". In addition, you will learn how to express weight using constraints, how to create action animations, and how to add secondary animations, and learn the basics of character motion creation.

After fully understanding the flow of animation production, I tried to create animation using a camera. In addition to the basic knowledge of the camera, you will acquire the skills necessary to complete high-quality character animation, such as how to attach a camera and what camera work is.

Expressive character animations in Blender-4.jpg
Expressive character animations in Blender-5.jpg
Expressive character animations in Blender.jpg

Finally, you'll learn how to decide on a character, story, and worldview, and create a letterboard or storyboard. In addition, based on the layout according to the storyboard, we will complete a short animation with a story.

Experience JP-K's unique know-how of expressive character animation production with Coloso![/center]
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